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Orthodox man in New York accused of ‘double life’ hosting wild sex orgies

Avraham Adler with his wife Shana when their engagement was announced (Image: Onlysimchas.com) 

An Orthodox Jew and self-proclaimed “deep man of faith” has been accused of leading a double life hosting sex parties in New York, charging attendees $60 (£49) for the privilege.
Avraham Adler, 33, has been reported by the New York Post as hosting the orgies in an East Village townhouse whilst having a pregnant wife and three children at home in New Jersey.
According to a lawsuit against him by the landlord of the property, the parties feature spankings and group foreplay. The Manhattan Supreme Court has since ordered him to cease holding them.
Mr Adler’s wife, Shana, told the New York Post: “I want a divorce.”
“He is not supporting us whatsoever. He’s cut us off completely. My friends are paying our bills.”
She claims he has multiple “girlfriends” who call her and “feel bad about the double life they’re leading.”
After his wife found out about two of his girlfriends, she kicked him out of their home in Clifton, New Jersey. She has since stopped wearing her wedding ring: “You couldn’t pay me to wear it.”
“You got any good pawn shops to recommend?”
Mr Adler denies breaking his marriage vows or shunning Orthodox Judaism, saying he was separated from his wife and they would likely divorce.
He once told a newspaper he was so religious that he would not carry his car keys on the Sabbath.

Опубликовано: 17-10-2019, 04:51

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