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Коронавирус- карта распространения в реальном времени ..

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  1. Left-liberal antiracist democracy.
    Hopefully, the jihadists and local
    antisemites will deal with each other
    as well. The more - the better.

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  2. I repeat once again.
    The growth of anti-Semitism in Europe is directly (!!) related to the influx of “refugees”. As a reaction to the Arabs' occupation of Europe, nationalist groups and organizations emerge that protest against all emigrants in this country. As a result, as the influence of the Arabs in Europe grows, the creation of nationalist pro-fascist organizations and, accordingly, anti-Semitism will grow. Even 20-30 years ago, when there was no Arab substitution, there were no pro-fascist organizations and there was no anti-Semitism (in open form). European and American liberals either do not understand this, or (most likely) pretend they do not understand, playing the part of naive democrats.
    In general, history repeats itself and, as you know, it teaches that it does not teach anything. European leaders, manifesting the so-called "humanism", bring Europe to a severe disaster.

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  3. Browsed through commentaries in Yahoo about desecration of jewish graves in France and
    visit of Merkel to Auschwitz. All forms of antisemitism are manifesting themselves.
    Holocaust denying, assertion that jews by themselves are desecrating the graves,
    blaming jews for the communism, naming them nazi-zionists, asserting that jews are
    using Holocaust to profit. No need to continue. No doubts such attitudes lead to physical
    violence. The main creators of this situation are left-liberal revolutionaries. They are in
    need of the scapegoat. I think that they are not really interested in expulsion of jews.
    They need them for scapegoating. For example, Macron will be in trouble without jews.
    Instead of both muslims and french attacking jews they will fight each other - unacceptable
    for left-liberals. One more ideology of the world-wide happiness that is employing hate and scapegoating.

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